Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

While there are plenty of good-quality Bluetooth earphones available today, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This makes it hard to find the right one for you! While budget isn’t always the most important factor in your decision, it certainly shouldn’t be left out of the equation either.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 to help you find something that works with your budget and that also meets your requirements as an individual or a business owner. We hope you enjoy reading this list and find what you need!

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Here’s the list of the top 7 best Bluetooth earphones under 1500 Rupees:

Sr. No.Earphones
1boAt Rockerz 255 in-Ear Earphones
2Infinity (JBL) Glide 120
3realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Bluetooth in-Ear Earphones
4Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones
5Noise Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Wireless Neckband
6Noise Tune Active Bluetooth Wireless Headset
7boAt Rockerz 245 v2 Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Earphones

boAt Rockerz 255 in-Ear Earphones

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

BoAt’s entry-level Rockerz 255 in-Ear earphones feature a design that ensures that you get high-quality audio, even if you have regular-sized ears. The ergonomic design of these earphones, which also makes them look really cool, doesn’t cause any discomfort even if worn for hours on end. It also makes this one of the best neckband under 1500 rupees currently available in India.

You can keep these headphones on as long as you like without suffering from any sort of pain or fatigue. In addition to being quite comfortable to wear, they are quite affordable as well; therefore, making them a great choice for most music lovers out there who aren’t ready to spend too much money on premium headphones but still want something that delivers great quality sound.

The company sells another variant – boAt Rockerz 275 – at Rs 1,500 and both variants have similar features and specifications with only slight variations here and there.

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 by Infinity (JBL)

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

The JBL Glide 120 is an impressive entry-level sports earphone. This neckband design makes for a good fit during workouts and is easy to stash when not in use. The sound quality is good and should please most music listeners. However, there’s no mic so it’s only a personal listening device unless you get yourself an adapter.

Sound leakage can be an issue but that’s common with in-ear headphones of any kind. What makes these earphones stand out is their IPX5 water resistance rating; they also come with a two-year warranty. These are easily some of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones under 1500.

realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Bluetooth in-Ear Earphones

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

If you’re looking for one of the best affordable in-ear wireless earbuds on Amazon, look no further than these Realme Buds Wireless 2. These affordable earbuds are great for running, biking, and other workouts because they stay firmly in place during high-intensity movement.

What’s more, their controls are easy to use and waterproof—which means you can use them while working out without worrying about sweat or rainwater. Finally, their long battery life will keep you listening all day long without having to charge mid-workout.

Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

At Rs. 1449/-, Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones offer good value for money. The product is available in one colour option i.e. Black and Silver. The product has got 4 out of 5 stars from 23 customers on Amazon with a general rating of 4.0/5 stars for its performance in different fields including sound quality, design, battery life and portability.
It comes with an easy charging dock that facilitates hassle-free charging, where all you need to do is place your wireless headphones.

It can provide up to 6 hours of music time with just a single charge which means less battery charging worries in your daily routine. With aptX codec support, it offers a premium wireless audio experience enabling distortion-free music transmission across the range so that you don’t miss any moment of your favourite song while working out or commuting to the office by train or car etc.

Noise Tune Active Plus Bluetooth Wireless Neckband Earphones

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

Noise Tune’s Active Plus model (available in black, gray, and yellow) is one of our top picks for people who want a neckband-style earphone but don’t want to break a sweat wearing it.

These buds sit on your neck with two separate wires that each connect to an earbud instead of having everything come together in a single wire like most other models.

This design isn’t as secure or tangle-proof as some others, but we appreciate that Noise Tune provides three different sizes of ear tips for all-day comfort.

They also provide optional wings that go around your ears for additional stability during workouts—although we found these less comfortable than not using them at all.

Noise Tune Active Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

Music lovers who travel a lot are always looking for a way to bring their music with them no matter where they go. A good wireless headset can do just that, and in many cases, will give you top-notch sound to boot.

The Noise Tune Active Bluetooth Wireless Headset is one of our favourites due to its durability, convenience and great value; if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient way to keep your music moving with you wherever you go, these headsets are a great choice.

You can get them at an excellent price on Amazon at any time of day or night —they’re sure to make long hours spent flying or waiting in an airport seem much shorter!

boAt Rockerz 245 v2 Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Earphones

Top 7 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1500 Rupees

The boAt Rockerz 245 v2 earphones are wireless and connect to your devices via Bluetooth 4.1, which is a great feature if you have an iPhone 7 as it doesn’t have a headphone jack anymore.

The connecting process is really easy and fast, thanks to their NFC compatibility. The earbuds themselves feel very nice in your hands; they’re lightweight and made of aluminium, so they won’t add unnecessary weight when attached to your neck.

They also come with 3 different sets of rubber ear tips that should fit most ears comfortably without falling out. If you do want them to fall out though (for example if you wear glasses), then there are bigger rubber pieces included for that purpose too.


Although choosing a Bluetooth earphone under 1500 Rupees is a tough task, we still hope that you’ve liked our compilation of the top 7 best Bluetooth earphones under 1500.

You can compare them with other popular brands in the market, but you won’t find something more superior than these.

Apart from being compatible with smartphones, mp3 players and tablets, these awesome headphones also come with a noise cancellation feature which helps in cutting down outside noises by up to 80% so that you could listen to crystal clear music all day long.

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